Plan Foundations


This is an important internal stage in the planning process, where the Steering Committee lays down and agrees to certain foundations for the entire process. These foundations would include the process and principles for team decision-making, the application of legislation and policy to the planning process, the principles of consultation and handling of public input, and agreement on the outputs of each stage including the detail and structure of the final Recommended Management Plan.

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Stage 6:
Recommended Management Plan

What does this mean?

Melting in the alpine in 2004 revealed the oldest artifact recovered from 18 ice patches on Yukon mountains. The shaft of a hunting dart used with an atlatle – a throwing board – was radiocarbon dated at 9,300 years old. The item is one of several ancient artifacts recovered by scientists and students scouring the melting ice patches for clues into the way of life thousands of years ago.

From a national standpoint, the Yukon finds are significant.

Unlike glaciers that are always moving and crushing and grinding any sort of archeological evidence into dust, artifacts encased in the ice patches remain stable and preserved, only to surface if and when the summer heat melts away their cover, explained Yukon archeologist, Greg Hare.

  • Paraphrased from Ice patch gave up ‘astounding’ artifacts, an article in the Whitehorse Star by Chuck Tobin, Tuesday, January 13, 2004