Management Options

There is always more than one way to achieve a vision.


Guided by the vision statement emerging from the previous stage we will develop management options to accommodate various forms of conservation, visitor activity, First Nation and heritage values, as well as other interests.

Public Input

You will be asked for feedback on these options. Which do you feel will most comprehensively deliver the chosen vision for the park? How might these alternatives be strengthened? What other alternatives need to be considered? Why?

Look and listen for advertising and announcements in newspapers and on radio stations, inviting public comment. Check this website regularly for updates on the best opportunities for Public Input.

Process Meter

Progress Meter

Stage 6:
Recommended Management Plan

What does this mean?

When caribou came it was just like horses... you could hear their hooves making noise on the ice. The caribou used to be all over the mountains in this area, but the last time they came was when my children were small, in the years 1910-15.

  • Contributions to the Oral History of the Kusawa Lake Region, Mrs. Annie Ned