Information Gathering

Near Kusawa Lake

A lot of information about the resources, landscapes and activities important to the Kusawa Park area has been recorded over the years. So the first thing we did was collect this information and read it – to help us understand the area before even starting on the planning process.

It is also helping us see where the information gaps are so we can find ways to acquire that missing information, in part by contacting groups and individuals with an interest in, and knowledge of, the area.

We will be happy to hear from all Yukoners with information and ideas that could contribute to the successful planning of Kusawa Park and its management.

We are trying to make as much of our information as possible accessible. What is available on this website is not all the information available to the Steering Committee. It will, however, give you an idea of the range of information that is being assembled and we will continue to post resource materials as the process goes on.

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Stage 6:
Recommended Management Plan

What does this mean?

In August 1997, a wildlife biologist and his wife found something unique while sheep hunting west of Kusawa Lake. On a high mountain top above tree-line, they noticed a large snow patch covered with dark caribou pellets. The dung was nearly a foot thick in places, yet the biologist knew that no caribou had been seen in this area for nearly sixty years. The biologist returned to the site with a colleague to pick up a few frozen pellets and a small wooden stick with a piece of sinew attached. They sent them off for radiocarbon dating.

The dates revealed the dung was many thousands of years old. The stick, recognized by Yukon Government archaeologists as part of an ancient hunting dart, was 4,500 years old.

  • Icepatch, 2002