Kusawa Park Map

Kusawa Park

The Kusawa Park area encompasses the Yukon portion of the Kusawa Lake drainage and the Takhini River drainage south of the Mendenhall River.

West – and within 110 kms – of Whitehorse, it is a scenic 3113 km2 (311,286 hectare) area, in the Coast Mountains, and is in the Stikine Highland and Southern Lakes ecoregions.

Glaciation sculpted this lake-valley and laid down the terraces and ridges visible near the mouth of the out-flowing Takhini River. Impressive sand dunes and extensive boreal grasslands are special ecological features of the proposed park.

Kusawa Lake is 70 km long with an average width of two kilometres and over 30 pristine sandy beaches to explore. It is well known for its Lake trout, Northern pike and Arctic grayling.

The word Kusawa is Tlingit for “long narrow lake.” The Chilkat Indians name for the lake meant “windy water.”

Kusawa Lake and the surrounding land is in the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dun First Nation, the Carcross/Tagish First Nation, and the Champagne Aishihik First Nation First Nation.